Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sketchcrawl at Historic Kirtland Village

Joined other sketchers for the Historic Kirtland Village sketchrawl.  It was a great morning, very mild with a little breeze, and not many bugs around.  The Mormons founded this village almost 200 years ago, and more recently, they have restored the buildings and offered up tours.  The tours ran very consistently throughout the morning.  I must have seen 6 or 7 pass by, with the later morning tours getting larger in size. 

I stayed outside, as the only way to get into the store and some of the other buildings was to be on the tour.  Another lady drew in the sawmill, which was very interesting with a great woodshop inside.

This building was to process "hot ash."  One of the other sketchers asked the tour guide that had passed by what that was, and she was told that it was for the production of fertilizer and ceramics. 

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