Thursday, May 31, 2012

Historic League Park Sketchcrawl

Saturday, June 9th, 2012
Corner of East 66th & Lexington
Cleveland, OH

Join us for another sketchcrawl coming up on June 9th.  We'll be at the historic League Park in Cleveland.  This park is currently under renovations through the city of Cleveland, so there may be workers on the grounds.  When I took the picture, they were mainly working in the field and not near the structure or remaining wall.

The field opened in 1891 and sat over 20,000 fans.  A World Series was played there in 1920 by the Brooklyn Dodgers and our Cleveland Indians.  It offically closed at the end of the 1946 season.

Just a few blocks south at the corner of East 66th and Hough, there is a field of grapevines for a winery for those who may want to stray from League Park during or after the sketchcrawl.

There is little shade available at League Park, so please be sure to wear sunblock and appropriate protection.  Please read street signs as there is some street parking, but many spots, especially closest to the picture structure, where you cannot park.  Urban Sketchers Cleveland is not responsible for your parking tickets.  :-) 

The Hough neighborhood of Cleveland is currently being brought back to life by different programs within the city of Cleveland, including the Opportunity Homes and community gardens.  You will see many new and/or freshly renovated homes in the area.  This is also a neighborhood that was featured on last year's Garden Walk. 

So, let's start singing, "Take me out to the ballgame. . . . . buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks. . . . ."

As usual, questions before the event can be posted as comments here.  If you may need a contact phone number for the day of the sketchcrawl, email, and I will supply you with a contact phone number. 

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