Friday, July 6, 2012

Zygote Press

Zygote Press is located in a warehouse on East 30th, right near I90.  They are a co-op studio for printmakers, and there are some awesome artists that work in there. 

I find that while I am sketching, I meet so many people with their dogs.  All of the dogs are friendly and well-behaved.  This morning, I met a man who was walking is pit bull, seemed like a bit of an older dog, or a dog that was just not too happy about being out in the heat.  The dog was in the fenced area behind where I was sitting, and every so often, I kind of sensed that he was back there to see what I was doing. . . . Or, if I happened to have treats.

Another thing that I had thought about this last week was the state of Cleveland as a city.  So many people have the impression that it is run-down or unattractive or dangerous.  I just don't see that.  I see the city the way I draw it.  Sure, it maybe cutsey, but this is the way I see it.

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