Friday, January 5, 2024

Let's Sketch the Brownhoist Building


4403 St Clair Ave, Cleveland, OH 44103 1:30pm - 4pm.
An interesting place to be sure, built in 1880, the central portion of this building was moved on rollers to its present location and the wings added afterward. It’s now an inclusive creative/maker space and hosts and has hosted numerous creative events. A flute recital will be going on while we’re there, which we may or may not be allowed to sketch. Lots of other stuff going on in the building. The oldest operating elevators in Ohio, a hard cider maker in the basement, seven vaults used to handle the company's payroll, and all sorts of stuff. The building served as offices for the Brownhoist company’s manufacturing plant across the street north on Hamilton, which is a giant enclosed space that used to assemble cranes.

An informative article about the building is also here