Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Dexter Davis: Black Heads

Dexter Davis: Black Heads by Maroonic
Dexter Davis: Black Heads, a photo by Maroonic on Flickr.

Serendipity! We decided to do a min-sketchcrawl at the Cleveland Museum of Art at the end of January and ended up in the modern art section. I was intrigued by this mixed media work by Cleveland artist Dexter Davis. The piece is mostly black and white and shades of grey with just a touch of color.

While I was sketching, one of the museum guards stopped by occasionally to chat and revealed that this piece was cycling back to storage the next day. Works with paper are only allowed on display for short periods to delay deterioration.

One of the best things about sketching a work of art is a greater awareness of the details. I would love to deconstruct this piece and tidy it up ala Ursus Wehrli.


  1. This is awesome! Also, don't you just love when someone offers up an interesting piece of information while you're sketchin?

  2. Possibly, just possibly the guard that provided the information might have been the artist. Dexter Davis works as a museum guard at the Cleveland Museum of Art.