Saturday, October 22, 2011

Still Life

This was a still life that I had set up for the watercolor class that I teach on Monday nights. I thought I'd change up a bit and do a still life in the sketch book.


  1. Where do you teach your watercolor class?

  2. Pat Catan's in Strongsville on Monday nights.
    6 to 8:30.

    The store is loaded with props and we set up a different still life every week. We work in the round, so we can have up to four different still life set ups at once. There is no bad view. I also bring in spot lights for lighting, so it's well lit as well.

  3. A "still life" is a genre of art depicting inanimate objects, often arranged in a composed manner. How Game Design Still life compositions can range from simple fruit bowls to intricate arrangements of various objects.