Monday, August 29, 2011

Avengers' Movie Set

Sunday morning was overcast, but the rain held off long enough for four of us to get some quality sketching time in. There wasn't much going on at this end of the movie set, but we can always find plenty to draw. We did hear one gunshot much further up East 9th, and we saw lots of workmen searching through the pile o' debris. They seemed to be looking for mangled street grates. Security guards came and went. One guard looked like he was sitting (or sleeping) in a recliner.

Later in the morning, people started to show up for the Indians' game, and we were treated to a man across the street yelling, "Tickets!" for the better part of an hour. We stayed until we couldn't take the smell of french fries behind us at Panini's any longer. Instead of getting that, we went over to Li Wah and had dim sum. One of our favorite things to do on a Sunday!

I'll post another sketchcrawl in a couple of weeks. We should have time for a few more before the weather gets cold. It usually stays nice and hot well into October.

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